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Meet Our Team

Spaceman Skip and the Nebublobs was conceived and designed by a three person team of designers and artists with over 35 years of combined experience in the animation industry, both in feature films and TV, as well as over 8 years combined experience in the game and children's learning industries.

After spending years working on such blockbuster hits as The Simpsons, The Critic, The Pink Panther, Anastasia, Titan A.E., Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights, Barnyard; The Original Party Animals, Back at the Barnyard, Planet Sheen, Ice Age, How To Train Your Dragons, the soon to be released feature films Ratchet & Clank and Color City as well as several games for Microsoft and Disney, Phil and Lorraine decided it was time to develop a project of their own.

Part of what makes a movie or TV series appealing is its ability to create engaging characters. As an artist and Production Designer Phil has a passion for using strong visuals to engage the audience and wanted to bring that passion to side scrolling games. Phil's second passion is anything and everything to do with space and the NASA programs. In our game Spaceman Skip and The Nebublobs, Phil wanted to merge those passions; to create a visually striking game with an engaging, appealing main character.

To make this dream a reality Phil and Lorraine partnered with Malachi, a longtime friend, who also has many years of animation, game and app development experience. Malachi has worked on such feature films hits as The Barnyard; The Original Party Animals, Night at the Museum and Pulse and the games Shadowrun and The Agency. He has also developed 7 children's apps, based on bestselling Dawn Publishing books, which are available on iTunes. Malachi's technical and artistic skill blended well with Phil's artistic vision, bringing together a wide range of talent and know-how.

Music also plays a central role in storytelling, eliciting an emotional response at a subconscious level. Working on this game has also allowed Malachi to bring the full passion of his lifelong obsession with music into the mix; to use his musical talents to engage the player's emotions at a gut level.

The combined talent of this small, dynamic team has resulted in the fast paced action adventure game Spaceman Skip and The Nebublobs. We like to think of Spaceman Skip and The Nebublobs as an arcade style game on steroids because it combines the fun of a side scrolling game with the rich cinematic beauty of a feature film and the zany antics of a classic Warner Brothers cartoon.

At Go For Launch Games we believe in the importance of education and being passionate about learning, which is why we created Spaceman Skip and The Nebublobs to be educational in a fun and entertaining way. We hope you enjoy playing the game and that it ignites your passion to learn more about our Solar System and our Universe. Phil earned a three year degree in Classical Animation from Algonquin College, Lorraine earned a four year Bachelor's of Business Degree, with a minor in Computer Programming, from Ryerson University and Malachi earned a one year degree in 3D Animation and Visual Effects from the Vancouver Film School.

And in case you're wondering about Skip and his monkey? Skip works in space and does all our Beta testing for us. We don't know what his monkey does . . . but we love him anyway!

Recognize our team from. . .


Annie Award Nomination

Philip earned an Annie Award nomination in 2000 for Outstanding Individual Achievement For Production Design In An Animated Feature Film for his work on Titan A. E.

Daytime Television Emmy Award

Our sister company, Go For Launch Productions, earned a 2008-2009 Daytime Entertainment Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Class Animated Program for our work on the TV Series "Back At The Barnyard".