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The Inner Solar System

Did you know that without our Moon life on Earth would not be possible, or that the sun is so massive 1 million Earths would fit inside it?

Follow the links below to read more cool facts about our Solar System and answer in game Bonus Questions worth 5000 points!!

In life, as in the game, what you know can take you places!!

Our Sun is the engine that drives our Solar System and without it life on planet Earth would be impossible!

Mercury's surface contains countless craters - evidence of the onslaught of asteroids and comets that have bombarded Mercury throughout its 4.6 billions years of life.

Venus is called Earth's Twin Sister planet but read on and you will discover why she is not Earth's identical twin sister.

In all the vastness of space our Earth is the only planet we know of that supports life!

Our most intimate celestial companion, find out why life on Earth would be impossible without the Moon!

There may not be any Martians here but there is still plenty on this planet to peak our curiosity!

The Asteroid Belt is a donut shaped ring of debris sitting between Mars and Jupiter. Sometimes Jupiter's massive gravitational pull causes asteroids from the belt to be flung into the inner Solar System, with potentially deadly effect.

The Outer Solar System

The unquestioned giant of our Solar System, Jupiter is so large that 1300 Earth sized planets can fit inside it!

With its spectacular rings, Saturn is indeed one of the most beautiful and intriguing planets in our Solar System.

Uranus was named for the Greek god of the heavens, not your bum!!

The most distant planet from the Sun, Neptune was discovered by mathematical prediction rather than by direct observation.